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Arem – Arem / Steamed Filled Rice in Banana Leaf

500 gr rice
1 ltr coconut milk from 1/2 grain coconut
1 tsp salt
2 leaf salam leaf
300 gr minced beef
300 cc coconut milk from 3/4 grain coconut (thick coconut milk)
3 tbs vegetables oil
banana leaf for wrapping

Finely pounded spices into paste:
6 red chilli
1 tsp kencur (see Spices and Ingredients for information)
3 clove garlic
6 shallots
1 chopped tomato
2 tsp laos (see Spices and Ingredients for information)
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt

How to:
1. Sauted all spices paste with 3 tbs vegetable oil on medium heat untill good smell. Add minced beef and stir untill dry.
2. Pour thick coconut milk. Boiled untill beef well cooked and dry. Remove from pan.
3. Wash rice and put in the pan. Add rest of coconut milk, salt and salam leaf. Cooked until dry and rice become soft. Remove from pan.
4. Take 1 leaf of banana leaf, put 2 tbs of rice, spread with 1 cm thick. Add 1 tbs suted beef then roll and clip it ( it should 10 cm long and 2 1/2 cm diameter).
5. Steamed approximaly 1 hour. Remove and cooled.
6. Ready to serve.

For 6 pax.

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