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Bubur Manado / Manado Porridge (Tinotuan)

Ingredients:500 gr rice
adequate water
4 tsp salt
2 pcs corn
100 gr young Melinjo leaf (gnetum gnemon)
100 gr spinach wash clean
100 gr Kangkung (ipomea reptans) wash clean
200 gr cassava slice
300 gr yellow pumpkin slice
2 bunched long bean
50 gr Kemangi (see Spices and Ingredients for information)
Salt as your taste

How to:

1. Put rice in the pan and pour water untill 3-5 cm above rice. Boil untih medium cooked.
2. Add slice of yellow pumpkin, corn and cassava.
3. Continue boil untill well cooked.
4. Add all vegetables one by one into porridge. Stir untill all ingredient well cooked and porridge thick enough.
5. Remove from pan and ready too serve.

For 6-8 pax

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