Thursday, August 24, 2017 | INDONESIAN CULINARY |


  1. Bamboo skewers. Long, thin bamboo sticks used for roasting pieces of food over hot coals
  2. Colander. A bowl with holes in the bottom and sides. It is used for washing food or draining liquid from a solid food.
  3. Dutch oven. A heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid. Dutch ovens are often used for cooking soups or stews.
  4. Food processor.An electric appliance with a blade that revolves inside a container to chop, mix, or blend food.
  5. Mortar. A strong bowl used with a pestle to grind, crush, or mash spices and other foods
  6. Pestle. A club-shaped utensil used with a mortar to grind, crush, or mash spices or other foods.
  7. Slotted spoon. A spoon with small openings in the bowl, used to remove solid food from liquid
  8. Steamer. A covered pot with an insert something like a strainer, used for steaming vegetables.
  9. Strainer. A small wire-mesh bowl with a handle. It is used to drain liquid from solid food or to remove solid bits from a liquid.
  10. Wok. A large, bowl-shaped pan that is used to stir-fry foods