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Easy Gluten-Free Baking [Spiral-Bound]

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“Mmmmm…these baked goodies are DELISH!” –Rachael Ray, author; host of the Rachael Ray Show; Food Network star

Product Description

Living gluten free doesn’t have to mean giving up the foods you love most. In Easy Gluten-Free Baking, you’ll find recipes for day-to-day use, special occasions, parties, gifts, and bake sales. Start the day off with gingerbread pancakes or enjoy a thin-crust pizza with the family, even indulge in Twinkies and Oreos–Barbone has a gluten-free answer to all of your food cravings.Drawing on her professional baking background, Barbone has created recipes that not only work every time, but taste every bit as good as the gluten version. She has spent countless hours testing her recipes–from sandwich bread to gooey brownies–using real butter, sugar, eggs, milk, and cream. The only ingredient missing is gluten–and no one will know the difference!

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About the Author

Elizabeth Barbone is the founder of and an alumna of the Culinary Institute of America. With her solid professional baking background, Barbone is known for creating gluten-free recipes that taste just like their wheat counterparts. In addition to creating recipes for, Barbone travels the country speaking to celiac groups and teaching gluten-free baking classes. She lives in Troy, NY.

BUY NOW!!! Easy Gluten-Free Baking

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