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Indonesian Street Food Secrets

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The multimedia cookbook puts in an appearance in Indonesian Street Food Secrets by Keith Ruskin Miller. Travelers to this tropical island nation enjoy eating from the produce of its many street vendors, who sell all manner of grilled, fried, and steamed snacks. Miller has gathered recipes for some of these items. Since Indonesian ingredients are a mystery to most Americans, Miller begins with an illustrated guide to keluwek, pisang, and other exotica. Recipes rely on the local availability in American markets of these native Indonesian spices and vegetables. The guide and recipes are reproduced on the CD accompanying the book, and these are supplemented with film clips that illustrate Indonesian urban street life accompanied by indigenous music. These add significantly to the book’s cultural value, but they don’t make it any easier for the cook to reproduce these foods. Mark Knoblauch
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Product Description

A culinary travel odyssey in which the reader is introduced to a wide variety of exotic, yet obtainable ingredients and then initiated into their usage with over 90 recipes taken from the greatest street cuisine on the planet. An accompanying MAC and PC compatible CD-ROM includes hours of movies, music and sound that provide the viewer with a window into everyday Indonesian cultural and culinary life.

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About the Author

Keith Ruskin Miller has traveled extensively in Asia, stopping to live in various regions for extended periods. Although he has often worked as a chef and has always been fascinated by Asian cuisine, Miller’s first love is documentary photography and filmmaking. With his latest book, Miller has included it all with wonderful photographs, tantalizing recipes, and a bevy of video snippets that document the culture and culinary practices of Indonesia.

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