Friday, September 22, 2017 | INDONESIAN CULINARY |


300 gr beef meat
100 gr bean sprouts
2 salam leaf
4 lime leaf
1 lemongrass bruised
2 cm Lengkuas bruised
Salt and pepper
6 glass water

Finely pounded spices into paste:
4 shallot
2 cloves garlic
4 candlenut
3 kluwek – the fruits of the kepayang tree used as a spice – remove the shell
2 red chilli

How to:
1. Cut beef meats into cube.
2. Heat 2 tbs oil, saute spice paste, add lemongrass, lengkuas, salam leaf and lime leaf. Seasoning. Remove from pan.
3. Pour 6 glass of water in another pan, add beef meats and sauted spice paste. Boil untill beef meat tender. If water going dry add more water as your desired.
4. Serve with beans sprout on top and lime leaf as garnish.

For 3-4 pax

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