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Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Recipes from Hunan Province

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Authentic recipes and fascinating tales from one of China’s most vibrant culinary regions.Fuchsia Dunlop is the author of the much-loved and critically acclaimed Sichuanese cookbook Land of Plenty, which won the British Guild of Food Writers’ Jeremy Round Award for best first book and which critic John Thorne called “a seminal exploration of one of China’s great regional cuisines.” Now, with Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook, she introduces us to the delicious tastes of Hunan, Chairman Mao’s home province.

Hunan is renowned for the fiery spirit of its people, its beautiful scenery, and its hearty peasant cooking. In a selection of classic recipes interwoven with a wealth of history, legend, and anecdote, Dunlop brings to life this vibrant culinary region. Look for late imperial recipes like Numbing-and-Hot Chicken, Chairman Mao’s favorite Red-Braised Pork, soothing stews, and a myriad of colorful vegetable stir-fries. 65 color illustrations.

About the Author
Fuchsia Dunlop studied at China’s most famous cooking school, the Institute of Higher Cuisine in Chengdu, and has been researching Chinese food for more than a decade. A fluent Mandarin speaker, she writes for numerous publications. She lives in London

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