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Sop Konro & Konro Bakar / Makassar Beef-Ribs Soup & Grilled Beef-Ribs

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Konro is a name for beef-ribs in Makasar, South Celebes.Ingredients:

1 kg beef ribs
6 cloves

Finely pounded spices into paste :

5 – 6 kluwak nuts, peel, soak in hot water
1 tsp peppercorn, roasted
1 tbsp corriander, roasted
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp seedless tamarind
3 cloves garlic
7 shallots
salt and sugar as desired

How To :
1. Saute the ground ingredient and clove until fragrant, add beef ribs, stir and cook meat until lightly browned. Add 1 litre of water, and cook until meat tender. (Add water again, if you need it)

2. Add salt and sugar as desired, simmer over low heat 15 to 20 minutes. Serve with rice cake

Grilled Konro
If you wanna make Grilled Konro, just take some beef short-ribs of the soup, then grill.

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