Thursday, August 17, 2017 | INDONESIAN CULINARY |

Soto Ayam / Chicken Clear Soup

1 whole chicken
2 tbs fried oil
Adequate water
1 bunch leek, sliced
3 tbs soya sauce
2 clove garlic, sliced and fried

Finely pounded spices into paste:
7 Shallots
2 pcs clove
1 Slice ginger
1/2 finger of turmeric

How to:
1. Clean chicken (boneless) and boiled untill cook well. Remove from pan.
2. cut chicken into small pieces and put it again in the chicken stock at least 1 ltr.
3. Saute all spices paste untill good smell. Add to chicken stock.
4. Cooked untill boiling point. Seasoning.
5. Serve with sliced of leek, fried garlic, soya sauce and lemon squash.

For 4-5 pax.

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