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What is Temporary Health Insurance

Temporary health insurance is a quality, affordable plan of temporary medical insurance designed specifically for people who are temporarily without health insurance. Coverage can become effective as early as tomorrow, be purchased for periods as short as 30 days or up to 180 days, and paid for in one single payment or easy monthly installments.

Ideal protection for persons:

Cobra insurance alternative

Between jobs, laid off, on strike

Attending school or recently graduated – If you are a student looking for student insurance

Employed part-time or temporarily

Waiting for permanent health insurance to begin

Temporarily without health insurance for most any reason

The temporary insurance plans we offer are not an HMO or PPO plan. In the event of a sickness or injury, an insured person may receive treatment from any licensed healthcare provider or facility anywhere in the U.S.

Important Information About Temporary Insurance:

Short term health insurance is a temporary health insurance plan (typically 1 to 6 months) and should NOT be used as a substitute for standard, long-term health insurance.  If you would like long term (permanent coverage) click here for quote.

Short term health insurance plans are intended as interim or “gap” coverage, i.e., for people who know, with certainty, that they will have standard, long-term coverage (or coverage through an employer) at a future date.

Short term insurance plans are designed to provide protection from unforeseen illness or injury; they are not meant to cover routine exams, preventive care, dental or eye care, or immunizations.

Short term insurance plans are exempt from HIPAA legislation. This means that when issuing a short term health insurance policy, insurance carriers do not have to: guarantee renewal, guarantee issue, or waive the pre-existing condition limitation for federally eligible individuals.

Most importantly, short term health insurance plans provide coverage for a limited time frame only. Once this time frame ends, you may or may not be able to buy additional health insurance, depending on your health at that point in time.

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