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Wrath of the Kitchen King

The Master Guide to WoW cooking!

As you know, the World of Warcraft® has an extensive in-game cooking system. You can create foods that heal, make you happy or sad, improve your abilities, or even feed your entire party!

The problem with most WoW cooking guides, however, is that they provide just one way to gain cooking skill and don’t allow for the differences between Horde and Alliance, or even the different races.

For example, a Night Elf will have access to different recipes than an Orc, and visa versa. Some are available only on the Horde side and others are only for the Alliance.

That’s no longer an issue.

Wrath of the Kitchen King (WotKK) provides a complete guide to leveling your in-game cooking skill, regardless of your faction or race. Options for recipe choices are provided every step of the way, as well as info on how to get the recipes, making it easy to take your cooking skill all the way to the limit (currently level 450.)

Now let’s make some of those in-game recipes in the real world of your own kitchen…

Eat Like Your Characters, Really!

Arathi Basin Field Rations
and Expresso

It’s time. The raid has begun. You and your guild are crushing the bosses, but you are stuck with yesterday’s pizza. Cold and dreary.

Unless you have this book!

Wouldn’t it be great if while your charcter is doing his job you chow down on some yummy Conjured Sweet Rolls? Or how about some Arathi Basin Field Rations (see pic?)

Fresh out of the oven of your real kitchen? Now you can!

By the way, have you ever wondered what Galger’s Cactus Apple Surprise (below, from the Orc & Troll starting area) is really like? Is it really so cool and refreshing? Yes, it is, and we’ll show you exactly how to make it. Just the thing for when the Battleground gets too hot!

Galger’s Cactus Apple Surprise

Two Books in One

You get the in-game cooking guide and the real world cookbook. One of the discoveries you’ll make in the cookbook is just why anyone would want to eat Deep Run Rat? Well, just try the Deep Run Rat Kabob and you’ll find out!

Some of the other recipes for your real kitchen:

Smoked Desert Dumplings
Nothern Stew
Conjured Muffins
Monster Omelet
Deep Run Rat Kabob (see below for photo)
Carrion Surprise
Fillet of Redgill
Arathi Basin Field Rations
Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise
Tracker Snacks
Metal Gear Solid fans will finally be able to try out the Russian Rations and see if they’re really up to snuff
Over 60 recipes in all!

Filet of Redgill

Real pictures of real food – In some food photography the food is “enhanced” by various means to look far better than it does in real life. All the pictures on this page, and in our books, are reals pics of the real food. Your cooking will look just as good (or better.)

Real Ingredients – Just in case you can’t find Deep Run Rat or Redgill in your grocery store we provide all the substitutions that you will need to make delicious meals.

All the recipes have been tested by real people after having been made in a real, household, kitchen. Let me tell you that we really enjoyed the testing! So You Think You Can’t Cook?

Do you have difficulties boiling water?

There’s nothing to worry about. Complete instructions are provided for every recipe and plenty of help for the person with low-level cooking skills is provided. Making a delicious Carrion Surpise is easier than you think!

Been around the stove a few times?

Then you’ll be able to jump right in and cook up a wonderful meal for all of your real life guildies.

And it’s all easier than getting your guild together for a Friday Night Raid!

See you in the kitchen!

The Tauren Chef

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